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Simple Water Extraction Techniques

Sunday, February 29, 2004

Dateline 29th February 2004

Today I am writing the first SWS weblog. With a forthcoming visit to Madagascar to plan the local production of our Canzee handpumps, and then several sea water intakes to install in Greek beaches, I have seldom been busier than I am at present.

However this weekend, for a change, I have just spend three days installing shallow "jetted" wells in the heart of London for the Fulham Palace Meadows Allottments Association. As with many of my clients, the FPMAA found my internet site and contacted me to see if I could help them. After two preliminary visits, I was able to assemble alll the equipment needed to hand auger down through the soil and then wash three wells into the aquifer. More importantly, at the same time I was teaching the technique to the allotment holders who now will be able to install their own shallow wells using my "flexible well jetting" technique.

As soon as I have time, I hope to be publish an account of this technique on the SWS Filtration Website.

Thank you for visiting the SWS Filtration Website.

Richard Cansdale.